Anticipating your move: the key to success

It can never be said enough: in order for a move, wherever it may be, to take place, it must be prepared. Give the necessary importance to the success of this project, one of the most stressful stages in a lifetime. So that your move doesn’t turn into a ordeal, for you and for those who help you move, anticipate, get ahead of the curve, plan things as much as possible. This way, you won’t leave any room for the unexpected and everything will be done in a calm and good mood.

Prepare the land


First of all, make sure that everything is ready for the day of delete. Your boxes must be filled, closed and marked. Furniture must be dismantled. Switch off appliances and fold down cables and hoses. Provide a hand truck and straps. Also prepare a supply of drinks and food. You can also rent a truck of the right capacity in advance and reserve parking spaces at your old and future addresses. The objective of this preparation: when your moving team arrives on site, whether they are friends or professionals, everything must be ready to start, under the best conditions.

Your steps

Anticize also on all your administrative procedures. A change of address, “a is indicated, so that your mail continues to be addressed to you. What's more, you need to move your energy and Internet subscriptions. If you don’t have power on the day you move in, it may complicate things, especially at the end of the day in the middle of winter.

A move to Paris ?

If you move to a big city like Paris, you will have to anticipate your moves even more. For example, if you use professionals, make them available early enough so that they are available for D-Day. The same applies to the rental of your truck or parking space. Get a head start! This is what will greatly facilitate your move to Paris.

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